Jutta looks after senior citizens

Jutta volunteers for "Care Express Spandau" and takes care of senior citizens while engaging in fun activities. During her years as a volunteer, she had a chance to meet many interesting people and enjoy the company of others. 

©Vivian Werk

Since 2017, I have been active in the "Care Express Spandau" at the “Fördererverein Heerstraße Nord e.V.” I look after senior citizens who come to us at Obstallee 22c in group rooms. We do handicrafts, and play together as well as cook, and make trips to Berlin and the surrounding area. Once, we even went on a steamboat trip - everyone really enjoyed that! But also cooking and cutting vegetables together is always very enjoyable. Pea stew, spaghetti carbonara, meatloaf, or cookies at Christmas - we always cater to our guests' wishes, and everyone wants to join in.  Due to the Corona pandemic, much of this was not possible for a long time. We were not allowed to look after our guests and thus could not support their relatives as usual.  

„Volunteering always gives me a strong, positive feeling.“


I am glad that this is finally changing again! Just like our guests, I miss the beautiful experiences. For example, last summer party that we had planned for our guests happened during the heat but still created great memories. We sat under pavilions at a table grilled, sang songs, and drank melon punch. The mood was exuberant - for the guests and also for us! Volunteering always gives me a strong, positive feeling. It just makes me happy when I see that the seniors who come to us have had a great day. That shows me that I am doing my job right. I was unemployed for some time before that, until I came to my current volunteer position through a FAV measure. Now my plan is to do a BFD at the CES. 

Fördererverein Heerstraße Nord e.V.  

Through pioneering work, civic engagement and with the support of qualified partners, employees and staff, we have been providing support, care and social integration for older people in Spandau as a non-profit association for 45 years.  

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