Joshua supports homeless people

For almost two years, Joshua has been working with the "Rise Foundation" for people living on the streets of Berlin. Surprised by the poverty, he decided to do his bit for those who are ignored by some.

For many years I have been involved in building a school in Zimbabwe. The joy and satisfaction of the local people during the opening ceremony of a classroom was an utterly different experience from the ones you get when completing the project in Germany. The opening ceremonies in Zimbabwe are very lively. The morning starts with students playing a football followed by an event with performances, speeches, and food for everyone. The school cooks for over a hundred people; the students help distribute the food, then classrooms are handed over, and school begins. We have already achieved so much in the last five years that I am confident that in two or three years, everything will be ready, and the entire school can move in. That is a small dream.

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„There are so many motivated people with different perspectives in Berlin that it is easy to find volunteers.“

Bild eines Mannes auf seinen Knien. Er packt Sache ein, trägt Brille und eine Maske.© GoVolunteer (Fotocredit: Sebastian Stöhr)

Originally from Indonesia, I have been living in Berlin since 2018 and work here as a software developer. Even though poverty is common in my country, I did not expect to see so many underprivileged individuals in the streets of Berlin.  Seeing this image made me think that these people needed to have, at least, a roof over their heads. I did not only want to give few Euros but also decided to do something more personal. With the "Rise Foundation," I have an opportunity to cook and have conversations with them.   


Of course, the pandemic was quite challenging for us. But we were able to continue our work, with more distance. Moreover, the lockdown forced us to be more creative and fundraise; at the end of the day, we could continue our course. There are so many motivated people with different perspectives in Berlin that it is easy to find volunteers. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my hometown. Due to this volunteering opportunity with "Rise Foundation", you get to meet great individuals, who want to participate in all kinds of activities.   


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Rise Foundation e.V.

Rise Foundation e.V. is a non-profit association that helps people affected by homelessness or poverty with food, personal belongings and human kindness.