Iris and the garden

Iris not only has a green thumb, she is also committed to the mental health of others. She has been active in the Psychosozialer Verbund (PSV) Treptow e. V. for over ten years.

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Standing on Baumschulenstraße, one wonders where a small garden could be here. As is so often the case in Berlin, you will find it in the backyard: The association Psychosozialer Verbund (PSV) Treptow e. V. runs in the district of Treptow, in addition to its offices, a creative workshop and a repair café, also the sought-after garden project. The great garden is the realm of Iris. She has been a volunteer with the association since 2009 and supports the main staff in the garden group. Anyone who walks through the garden with Iris quickly senses that not a single plant remains undiscovered: From the raised bed to the herb section to the plum tree, every plant is lovingly tended by her. Some plants are donations and were planted as part of Social Day activities.  

The most important thing in the garden, however, is and remains the work with the clients of the Psychosozialer Verbund. Especially being together with mentally ill and learning disabled people fulfills the gardener.  

„I love being out in the fresh air and having conversations in the garden with these people who, in all likelihood, I would never have met otherwise.“


In addition to Iris, other volunteers also help out in the garden group; however, the majority of them tend to be there for only a short time due to changing life circumstances. Iris remains the great exception with her more than ten years of commitment.  

Even during the Corona pandemic, her offer could continue to take place under certain conditions. And things are moving forward: the first joint barbecues are already planned - and everyone hopes that neither Corona nor the weather will put a spoke in their wheel. 

Further information: 

Nicole Katschewitz (Volunteer Coordinator) 
Psychosozialer Verbund (PSV) Treptow e. V.
Kiefholzstr. 414, 12435 Berlin 
Telephone: 030 53216201

47th Berlin Seniors' Week

The portrait was created as part of the 47th Berlin Seniors' Week under the title "Vielfältig.Erfahren.Engagiert" (Diverse.Experienced.Committed) and was made available for the Euopean Volunteering Capital page with the kind permission of the Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs and the people portrayed. The touring exhibition, which is dedicated to the diverse and experienced commitment of Berlin's senior citizens, tours through Berlin's districts and can be visited free of charge at one location for one week at a time.

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