Henriette found her new passion for volunteering

Henriette has been with the Fördererverein for over two decades. She was a family caregiver herself and then decided to use her expertise in group and individual care for seniors. She is a true role model - and infects everyone around her with her zest for life and optimism.

© Elisabeth Burrer

The Fördererverein Heerstraße Nord e.V. (FÖV) and I are connected for over two decades. At first, I participated in the discussion group for relatives and later took over a mini-job in the personnel department.After that, my time as a volunteer began. With retirement, regular appointments and structures fell away. I felt "no longer needed" and wanted a new task, something meaningful. Since I already had private experience in nursing and care, I decided to do voluntary work for FÖV and became involved in individual care for seniors. What I appreciate about it: The regularity of shared activities. The breakfast with the guests, singing, reading aloud, playing games even if it's already the 20th round.  You can respond to the person, get direct feedback, and observe how even rather reserved personalities come out of their shell. That's especially nice!

„Team cohesion is important, so that you can work hand in hand with each other. That gives me strength, motivation and cohesion, which also strengthens me personally in everyday life.“


As a caregiver you need a lot of empathy and patience, understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses of each individual while dealing with the guests and volunteers. Everyone is different, and that is the beauty of it. Everyone brings their own talents and qualities. At the Fördererverein, it's not about how much you contribute but more about the way you contribute. Team cohesion is crucial as it helps you to work hand in hand with each other. That gives us strength, motivation, and cohesion that also strengthens me personally in everyday life. I want to stay active with the Fördererverein for as long as possible. Here I meet people I know while receiving support and help. Volunteering is also a good remedy for being alone. Especially in times of the pandemic and especially in old age.

The Fördererverein Heerstraße Nord e.V. (FÖV)

Through pioneering work, civic commitment and with the support of qualified partners, employees and staff, the organization haa been providing support, care and social integration for older people in Spandau as a non-profit association for 45 years.

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