Eveline takes time for people suffering from dementia

Eveline has a broad range of skills in volunteer work, and that can be said without a doubt. Since 2012, she has been accompanying people suffering from dementia in their daily lives through the Unionhilfswerk organization, giving them time and attention in a loving way. In times of Corona, of course, this did not always take place in the tried and tested form, but instead with completely new, very creative ideas.

© Roland Brockmann

For example, I replaced the previous greeting ritual by handing them a large pillow. Those suffering from dementia can experience a moment of closeness by pressing this pillow. Much can be achieved with distance and feeling, even in Corona times! For many years, I have also been involved in other volunteer activities, both at Sozialwerk Berlin e. V. and at Silbernetz. My honorary posts combine wonderful characteristics: the exchange, the communication and the social interaction with other people. With such a wide range of activities, the training courses offered by the Unionhilfswerk come at just the right time. Volunteers are supported and their further qualification is promoted. I gladly and regularly take advantage of both offers.  

„My volunteer work combines wonderful characteristics: the exchange, communication and social interaction with other people“


Last December, I received the Berlin Badge of Honor for special social commitment. The visit to the Federal President alone represented an even greater honor and appreciation for my work. When asked at that time how long I wanted to continue volunteering, I answered firmly, "At least six years."   

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47th Berlin Senior Citizens' Week

The portrait was created as part of the 47th Berlin Seniors' Week under the title "Diverse.Experienced.Committed" and was made available for the Volunteering Capital page with the kind permission of the Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs, the person portrayed and the photographer. The touring exhibition, which is dedicated to the diverse and experienced commitment of Berlin's senior citizens, tours through Berlin's districts and can be visited free of charge at one location for one week at a time.

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