29. October

Training on prejudice-conscious children's books

03:00 PM - 06:00 PM
© Mentatdgt (Pexels)
The Bürgerstiftung Berlin offers a half-day training for reading mentors and volunteers in school libraries as well as teachers, educators and interested adults. The aim is to raise awareness of what prejudice-conscious children's books are and why they should find their way into daycare centers, classrooms, school libraries, and the home.

The event will discuss children's books as a formative medium for the perpetuation of prejudices and stereotypes in the construction of self-image/image of others in a diverse society and jointly derive criteria for discrimination-sensitive children's books. What are prejudice-sensitive children's books and why should they find their way into daycare centers, classrooms, school libraries and the home? In the process, works from the current book market will be presented in an illustrative way and the discrimination-sensitive view in book selection and acquisition will be sharpened. 

29.10. and 04.11.  15-18 pm

The event will take place in presence. The location will be announced later.

Registration by email, to: Alina Trebbin a.trebbin@remove-this.buergerstiftung-berlin.de