6. August

Climate strike Fridays For Future - every Friday until the federal election

12:00 PM - 06:41 PM
© Pixabay (Dominic Wunderlich)
CLIMATE JUSTICE - NOW. This is what the movement calls for and invites people to take to the streets every Friday until the federal elections to build political pressure and protest against climate injustice. Because already now many people feel the climate crisis on their own bodies, not only by a few weeks of heat summer, but also by increasing storms, floods, droughts, rising social injustices and and and. Many lose their homes and have to flee.

Fridays for Future Berlin and are on the streets for the fight against the climate crisis and for climate justice.

Until the federal elections, they want to strike every Friday at 12 o'clock in the Invalidenpark.

More info (also on hygiene conditions and strike cards) here: fridaysforfuture.berlin