25. October -
28. October

Berlin Social Academy 2021

@ Dirk Laessig
In over 40 practice-oriented online workshops, webinars and individual coaching sessions, experts from Berlin-based companies pass on their knowledge and know-how pro bono. On 15.9. the registration for the course program starts.

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Idea of the Social Academy

  • Employees of non-profit organizations make a valuable contribution to society through their commitment.
  • NPOs need specific expertise, but often do not have sufficient financial resources for further training.
  • With the Social Academy, committed companies support NPOs by making their expert knowledge available to them pro bono in various training formats. 

About us

  • In 2013, the idea of the Social Academy was born and has since established itself as a permanent institution in Berlin's engagement landscape.
  • The Social Academy is organized by a network of committed companies that work together in partnership and support the corporate citizenship project financially and/or through labor resources.

The Berlin Social Academy 2021 Oct. 25 - Oct. 28.

  • Digital course offering consisting of webinars, online workshops, and one-on-one coaching.
  • Approx. 45 courses from the areas of PR & marketing, organizational development, accounting & law, digitization and human resources development
  • Approx. 50 experts from Berlin companies as speakers - topics include "Insta and TikTok - Social Media for a Good Cause," "Data Protection in Daily Practice," and "Storytelling with the Smartphone.