Whether it's soccer, tennis, or swimming - with around 2,500 sports clubs in Berlin, there's something for everyone. The Sports Action Field shows how versatile sports are in Berlin and how crucial the voluntary involvement of young and old in sports is.

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3...2...1... Go! Now we also start with the action field Sport. Sport is crucial for our physical fitness. Especially in times of home office, we all notice how a round of running or yoga increases our well-being. But sports can also help our mental fitness: we come together in sports clubs. Doing sports together is fun, you get to talk and meet new people. The 700,000 Berliners who participate in sports clubs know this, too.

Sport, therefore, makes a crucial contribution to our social cohesion. It promotes a sense of community in our city and gives new Berliners an opportunity to meet new acquaintances. Sport also contributes to integration, inclusion, and diversity by helping us overcome prejudices and strengthen the community through playing and having fun together. 

But sport is much more than a leisure activity. Sports and sports clubs are also places of learning. Be it learning a new sequence of movements, an exceptional breathing technique, or a completely new sport. Sports and exercise are, therefore, crucial for a holistic and lifelong education: "They influence the linguistic, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of children and young people." (Kultusministerkonferenz 2020) 

In the "Sports" field of action, we, therefore, honor the multifaceted commitment that can do far more than just make us sweat. 

The partner for this field of action is the Landessportbund Berlin e.V. It represents 2,600 sports clubs in Berlin with a joint voice. The Family Sports Festival in August was another sporting highlight this year, which is not only marked by the European Soccer Championships and the Olympics. Instead of being held in the Olympic Park, this year's sports festival moved to Berlin's neighborhoods. This was a special way of highlighting Berlin's many sports clubs and the various activities they offer. Everyone was invited to a day full of sports, games and fun! More information about the family sports festival can be found here

Passion. Commitment. Heart and soul - that's the motivation of #leaders who volunteer in sports. Here they have their say: 


Federal Sports Association Berlin (LANDESSPORTBUND Berlin e.V.)

The Federal Sports Association Berlin - founded on October 29, 1949 - is the free and independent association of the sports associations active in the Land of Berlin, their sub-organizations of amateur sports as well as the district sports associations. The Federal Sports Association Berlin is a full member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. 

The Federal Sports Association Berlin currently has 83 member organizations with about 2,600 clubs, in which about 670,000 members are registered. We are the largest civil society association in the state of Berlin. The nearly 60,000 volunteers devote their free time to sports. They help children, young people and adults to find meaningful and healthy leisure activities.  

The tasks of the Federal Sports Association Berlin include, in particular, the coordination of all activities in recreational, popular and competitive sports in close connection with sports at schools and universities as well as sports science. The basis of all sporting activities are the sports clubs united in the professional associations. 


Alexander Fuchs 
Head of Policy Unit



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