Migration and participation

Democracy thrives on diversity

Diversity can only develop if everyone has the opportunity to participate. The action field "Migration and Participation" drew attention to the multifaceted commitment in the multicultural capital and identified resources, potentials, and obstacles.

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Every year, many people come to Berlin in search of a new home. Regardless of whether they embark on this journey voluntarily or involuntarily, they receive a warm welcome from Berliners. The commitment in the field of action "migration and participation" is very diverse. For example, there are telephone counseling hotlines for people with an immigrant background, others work to promote anti-racism among the populations, the support groups for people with refugee backgrounds consult individuals in a job search or their dealings with the authorities. In recent years, a great deal of growth and professionalization had taken place in this area. In 2015 and 2016 alone, over 55% of the population has joined the initiatives at short notice and pitched in.

Helping to shape things instead of just watching! That also applies to many migrants. They are crucial drivers of many initiatives, actively participate in social life while getting involved and assuming social responsibility. Migration and participation must go hand in hand so that all residents become a part of Berlin and live out the city's diversity. That creates a win-win situation for everyone: migrants and the "already-established" can benefit from each other as both sides shape our society together.

Migrant organizations have a crucial role to play: they pool the experiences of civil society, archive knowledge, systematically summarize existing needs for action and articulate them to the administration and politicians. The cooperation of all actors is particularly principal here.

A democracy thrives on diversity, and the Migrationsrat Berlin e.V. is committed to this diversity through various projects. The goal is the complete legal, social and political equality and participation of migrants, their descendants, and People of Color. Everyone should be involved so that an inclusive society can emerge. As an umbrella organization, the Migrationsrat Berlin e.V. carries out cross-community work.

We jointly tackled the following events and thematic focal points in the campaign year: 

The kick-off event of the field of action took place on September 18 on the topic "Migration and participation: How much volunteering is possible?"
Here is the magazine article of the event to read.

September 13, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., workshop on Public Relations: What does effective public relations look like with volunteer support?

September 15, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Workshop on District participation policy: Where and how can I volunteer in Berlin's districts?

September 29, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Workshop on Lobbying for participation, against discrimination at the state level

Online Dossier of the Migrationsrat e.V.

Engagement and activism, white-German institutions, diversity in field hockey, what volunteering looks like elsewhere, and more. The Migration Council Berlin has compiled its perspective on the topic in an online dossier published by us on the Volunteer Capital page. 5 texts, 5 topics, 5 new perspectives.

To the online dossier of the Migrationsrat e.V.


Migrationsrat Berlin e.V.

The Migrationsrat Berlin e. V. is an umbrella organization of over seventy "migrant" self-organizations. Beyond characteristics such as origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation, we represent the interests of different population groups in Berlin. We see the complete legal, social and political equality and participation of migrants, their descendants and other People of Color as a task for society as a whole, which we support with combined forces. Being an equal member of society also means taking on social responsibility.


Mr. Koray Yılmaz-Günay
Co-managing director 

E-Mail: koray.yilmaz-gunay@migrationsrat.de


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