Education and Development

Education and Volunteering: Pillars of Democracy

The field of action Education and Development presents the different and diverse areas of learning and teaching. It acknowledges the role of volunteering in this field and highlights its relevance. Volunteering in the field of education and development is not only a supplement to state educational institutions, but also acts as a socially integrative force, creates an experiential network in neighborhoods and strengthens democratic structures.


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Education is one of the most important determinants of social inequality today. Individual access to education and attitudes towards learning have both indirect and direct effects on the shaping and quality of life. Experiences in the first years of education in particular often lay the foundation for one's own educational biography. Access to education and training opportunities should be made possible for everyone. However, the Corona pandemic has once again shown that people's realities often diverge, especially in the field of education. It also became clear once again that the influences for successful education are not only based on organisation and funding capacities, but that the social aspect, interpersonal exchange and a community network are decisive in promoting curiosity and the will to learn.

Education extends beyond institutional curricula and encompasses almost all social spheres and stages of life. The fields of voluntary work in education are equally comprehensive and deal with many aspects of social participation opportunities. Volunteering fulfils an important role in this context, as it is through the voluntary engagement and participation of each person that the multi-faceted scope of education is embodied.

Volunteering makes it possible to participate at levels that are reserved for other actors. On the one hand, the action field is intended to appreciate and honour the work of the volunteers involved. At the same time, the events within the framework of the volunteer capital provide an insight into the diverse areas of voluntary work and offer interested parties the opportunity to get involved.

  • Volunteering in and with schools
  • Accessibility and volunteering in public institutions
  • Digitization of schools and teachers
  • Concrete methods in the area of diversity in schools



The Bürgerstiftung Berlin

With Bürgerstiftung Berlin, city residents can take on more co-responsibility for shaping their community. Individual initiative and public spirit form the ideal core. From this develop the projects that promote the individual competencies of all those to whom Bürgerstiftung Berlin provides support. With its founding appeal "Berliners help Berliners," the foundation has now been motivating fellow citizens to get involved in society for more than 20 years. The focus of the projects that have been implemented since the foundation was established has been on working with socially disadvantaged children and young people.


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