Fields of action

What did we mean by fields of action? Which ones did we choose for the 2021 campaign year and why? What happened in the individual fields of action? Who were they aimed at? How could people get involved?

Berlin's volunteering scene is as diverse as its people. There are no limits to the richness of topics in the individual areas of engagement. Among the many great areas, we took a closer look at some of them. These were large thematic areas that unite a lot of different and diverse commitment. We named these fields of action. That seemed fitting to us.

© Priscilla du Preez (Unsplash)

Who thinks of a field in the middle of a big city? And yet there is one, right on our doorstep. Tempelhofer Feld, for example. A place with history, full of different developments, cool ideas and encounters with different people and lots of movement, in other words action. We like the fields Berlin offers and especially the following ones, which we were allowed to discover and accompany: 

  • Mental Health  
  • Digital Innovation for Engagement & Neighbourhood 
  • Climate Protection & Environment 
  • Education & Development
  • Migration & Participation
  • Open Source  
  • Sport

We all agree that there is more than these. So it's all the nicer that there was so much to discover in and around these fields of action. For example, democracy and participation, Europe, diversity and inclusion - to name just a few.  

We supported our partners in the conception of the individual fields of action, helped with events, workshops and formats. We looked at needs, considered together how offers in the respective fields can be further developed and networked actors with each other.  

One thing was particularly important to us: learning and exchanging. The wheel of engagement did not have to be reinvented. There were and are already a lot of good ideas out there. We collected them, brought them together and shared them. 

Speaking of which: Insights on the individual fields of action, interviews, guest commentaries and more background knowledge can be found in our magazine section. We were curious, liked to ask questions and sought answers from people who volunteer in these particular fields.