The project office

From now on we cycle together, as Tandem, because our project office is officially called TandemProject Office. Tandem suits us because we like environmentally friendly movement and we are, after all, two organizations. We are Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa and betterplace lab. We want to change something in our society. Sustainably. By joining forces and having the courage to go new ways. While the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa contributes its vision of a Europe of openness,
solidarity and democracy shaped by young people, betterplace lab focuses on the social potential of the digital transformation.
The project office is the contact point for the implementation and coordination of the EuropeanVolunteering Capital 2021. All threads come together in the project office. Berlin Partner accompanies the implementation of the campaign year communicatively, with the support of the Berlin Partner Network.

Our mission:

To honor the diverse, ever-changing landscape of volunteering in 21st century Berlin, to promote it with innovative measures, and to bring sustainable impulses to the engagement landscape. We take the magnifying glass in our hands and study the complexity of volunteering today with its challenges and opportunities. And then, very modestly, we want to set the course for the future.

We desire to reach out to the many volunteers in the city, as well as the organizations that work with volunteers and get them excited about the European Volunteering Capital Berlin 2021 so that they can get involved and help shape this year. We will not succeed alone: a steering committee with actors from civil society, politics, administration, economy and science will support us in this. Because the following also applies to us and to this year: #EntdeckeDasWirInDir.

Before we start cycling, let's introduce ourselves:

© Peter Adamik

Tobias Frietzsche, Head of Project Office

Driven by the curiosity for new perspectives, interesting projects, and the exchange with people who enrich our world, I, as an experienced culture and project manager, together with a team of employees of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe and betterplace lab, am shaping the activities for the Year of Action for the European Volunteer Capital Berlin 2021. We have support from a steering committee with actors from civil society, politics, administration, and business.

Katja Jäger, Researcher

I am convinced that positive change in a digital world is driven by the people that live in it. At betterplace lab I have been researching for years how digitisation and democracy go together. In my work, I build bridges between innovative approaches - mostly emerging from a committed civic tech community – and established structures. For the European Volunteer Capital Berlin 2021, I am investigating how engagement strengthens social cohesion.


© Peter Adamik
© Peter Adamik

Yannick Lebert, Innovation & Concept

I am interested in a future that is oriented towards the common good. To this end, I research, write and design on all fronts. For the European Volunteering Capital 2021, I explore the big and small issues in the field of volunteering, bundle the topics and develop exciting areas of activity and events that will accompany us this year.

Leonie Stamm, Project Manager

As project manager of the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa, I support the activities for the European Volunteering Capital 2021 not only with my expertise, but also with a lot of motivation:Having always been involved in volunteering, I am convinced that volunteering strengthens democracy and social cohesion.

© Peter Adamik
© Peter Adamik

Stephan Peters, Impact Analyst

I am a trend researcher at betterplace lab. With my expertise in the areas of digitalization, innovation and impact, I work for positive change fand or the benefit of humanity. For the European Volunteering Capital 2021, I am doing the impact analysis.

Susanne Kruza, Editor

As an editor, I accompany this year in pictures, words and texts. I write about the variety of volunteering, look for exciting stories, topics and contributions from civil society. Making commitment visible, honoring it, inspiring others through this website and beyond - that is my contribution in the project office.

© Peter Adamik
Sofia Auersperg-Breunner © privat

Sofia Auersperg-Breunner, Administration

In the administration of the project office, I support the activities of our project partners within the European Volunteering Capital Berlin 2021. Today it is more important than ever to recognize the outstanding commitment of volunteers, show them appreciation and inspire the society for volunteering, to strengthen the common welfare and social cohesion.

Sophia Siemer, Project Manager

I have been a volunteer for a very long time and know how enriching and important this work can be. Encouraging other people to get involved as well and appreciating those who already do so is therefore close to my heart. In the project office, I support the activities for the European Volunteering Capital 2021 as a project manager of the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa.

© Privat
© Peter Adamik

Laura Frömberg, working student

As a working student, I am involved in the implementation of the project. I support the research around the unique engagement in my hometown Berlin as well as the conceptual design and implementation of the year. At the same time, I am studying for a Master's degree in Non-profit Management and Public Governance. This way, I can contribute to the project through the synergy of theory and practice.