Steering Committee

The steering committee at our side provides us with impulses, advises us, arranges contacts to the local scene and points out important topics, developments, and debates. Many of the members of the steering committee have enthusiastically supported Berlin's application to become the EuropeanVolunteering Capital from the very beginning. They are both advisors and powerful multipliers: they have many opportunities to shape and carry the plans of the European Volunteering Capital 2021 into the various areas and organizations of civil society.

(c) Daniel Brosch (Unsplash)

The initial impetus for the European Volunteering Capital was indeed provided by politics - for example, a few basic structures were created, and resources were made available. However, the European Volunteering Capital is supported by civil society - in terms of organization and content. Including the steering committee and the project office, and the areas of activity. During the COVID-19 times, we all felt how valuable volunteering is for the solidarity in our city - and how good cooperation between administration and civil society can release new forces. So, it's good that the steering committee brings together representatives from Berlin's political, administrative, economic and academicspheres, so they can also exchange ideas with each other. The European Volunteering Capital also offers an opportunity to reflect on the quality of voluntary and honorary engagement, what is already there and what can still be improved. Here, too, the steering committee provides valuable information.

In regular meetings throughout the campaign year, the project office coordinates with the steering committee. Are we still on course? - This is the question asked by representatives of the following organizations, institutions, and networks: